Friday, 8 July 2011

Canoe Sprint - Histroy

The actual word we know today as "canoe" originated from the word Keenu meaning "dugout". Another story is that the word canoe comes from the word "canoa", which is said to originally come from the native people in the Caribbean via Columbus to Europe. These dugout canoes, essentially large tree trunks that were shaped and hollowed, were used by the Caribs to travel between islands. Canoeing began to meet the simple needs of transportation across and along waterways. Canoeing was the primary mode of long-distance transportation at one time throughout much of North America, the Amazon Basin, and Polynesia, among other locations. As a method of transportation, canoes have generally been replaced by motorized boats, airplanes, railroads and roads with increasing industrialisation, although they remain popular as recreational or sporting watercraft. Two crafts are used in sprint racing - the canoe and the kayak. The forerunners of the modern racing boats are the Inuit's kayaks and the native people's canoe.

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